Why be a nurse practitioner essay

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What specialty or area of medicine are you interested in? With a variety of different program types and concentration options, those considering advancing their education and career by becoming an NP have a lot of decisions to make. Below, we break down the nurse practitioner essentials to help you reach your full potential as a future NP. A nurse practitioner is considered an advanced practice nursing role. Most NP jobs require an MSN, but those looking to advance to the highest levels of nursing practice may opt for a DNP. ADN and BSN-educated RNs to pursue post-graduate nursing degrees.

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After completing the degree program, NPs will want to get certified in their specialty. Not only do they need to be licensed in the state in which they practice, but they must also undergo credentialing as well. The credentialing process is rather complex. It involves verifying education, licensure, and certifications. It’s important that organizations move through the credentialing process to ensure the nurse practitioner is qualified to provide care. Credentialing is required for nurse practitioners to be reimbursed for healthcare service. How Long to Get Credentialed?

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