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2019t be a bigger nightmare, new security measures at some of its hotels are basically allowing Mickey Mouse and his obnoxious friends to invade your room. Just when you thought Disney World couldn’t be a bigger nightmare, new security measures at some of its hotels are basically allowing Mickey Mouse and his obnoxious friends to invade your room. Where to invade next essay new security policy of Walt Disney World Resort invades guests’ privacy without making them any safer. A draconian new policy could allow the invasion of guests’ privacy without making anyone safer.

Disney World couldn’t be a bigger nightmare, new security measures at some of its hotels are basically allowing Mickey Mouse and his obnoxious friends to invade your room. Disney has not explicitly stated its reasons for the new policy, but it seems to have been implemented in response to October’s Las Vegas shooting, when a man was able to enter a hotel room with a boatload of weapons and subsequently murder 58 people. Now, while I do appreciate that Disney wants to keep people safe, this is, quite frankly, a stupid idea. After all, responding to violent incidents with overzealous, privacy-invading security theater is exactly what the government has been doing for years. The best example of this, of course, is the TSA. 45 on a bottle of water because you can’t bring your own with you. You have to take your shoes off.

Your clip-in hair extensions will set off the metal detector, and then you’ll have to be patted down by an officer who knows that you’re actually spending your life walking around wearing someone else’s hair. The worst part, of course, is that the world isn’t really any safer from terrorism because of any of this. The exact same thing is true of this Disney World policy. First of all, it’s not hard to see how these new rules could ruin a vacation. A Disney cast member — who knows only that the room is occupied, and not that it’s occupied by someone who doesn’t want to be bothered — starts knocking on the door. You can’t hear the knock over your music, and the next thing you know . Make no mistake: Disney’s new policy destroys the entire decompress-and-chill aspect of any vacation.

Instead, you have to sit in your hotel room on edge all the time, knowing that at any moment, you might be expected to respond quickly to a knock at your door or else be joined by a dude in a Goofy suit. That doesn’t exactly sound relaxing — and, as it stands now, it isn’t going to make anyone any safer. He could make sure his weapons are easy to hide at a moment’s notice, and stay in his room to make sure that no one goes through his stuff. If a cast member tried to interfere in some way, then he could use the weapons on that person.

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