What makes a good boss essay

Want to start a startup? Technology tends to separate normal from natural. I’what makes a good boss essay only seen in zoos before.

What’s so unnatural about working for a big company? These smaller groups are always arranged in a tree structure. 10 people working together in the usual way. Anyone who’s worked for a large organization has felt this. 10,000, even if your group has only 10 people. The number of people you interact with is about right. It’s not your boss’s fault.

Your boss is just the way that constraint is imparted to you. How bad could it be? America today, nearly all the food around you would be bad for you. Normal” food is terribly bad for you. If “normal” food is so bad for us, why is it so common? One is that it has more immediate appeal.

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The other is economies of scale. It’s the same with work. In an artificial world, only extremists live naturally. This seems an inevitable consequence of bigness. Google instead because he thought he’d learn more there.

He didn’t learn as much as he expected. An obstacle downstream propagates upstream. 100 people will feel different from one with 1000. Working for a small company doesn’t ensure freedom. That has real consequences for both organizations and individuals. That might be worth exploring.

For individuals the upshot is the same: aim small. I felt most would fail. Y Combinator often have the downtrodden air of refugees. It’s not only the leaves who suffer.

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