Video games are too violent essay

Yesterday’s listening exercise was about the topic of video games. This could also be an IELTS video games are too violent essay topic, so let’s think about how we could prepare for it.

Can we use any of the ideas, opinions or vocabulary from yesterday’s lesson? What other ideas or arguments could we add? Task: try writing your own exam question for this topic. We’ll look at a real question next week.

IELTS Writing Task 2: video games – ielts-simon. Now a days a large number of people play video games . Is it a good change or not . For instance “in these days children spend their sparetime with playing video games. But in past they were spending their time playing real games with their other friends. Which is the right one? Video games are becoming very popular with children, they are having a huge impact on their social networks.

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To what extent do you agree or disagree? Video games cause children to stay indoors and avoid interacting with others. How can we encourage children to start interacting more with others? 1-The consistant playing habit of video games affecting human socially n psycologically. Are you agree or disagree? Also discuss the problems which this little technological device is creating and suitable solutions to it. 3-Video games are creating sociological,psycological and economical problems.