Victim and creator essay

Against these merits we may oppose two objections: the style is the prose style of Swinburne, and the content is not, in an exact sense, criticism. But the style has one positive merit: it allows us to know that Swinburne was writing not to establish a critical reputation, not to victim and creator essay a docile public, but as a poet his notes upon poets whom he admired.

He read everything, and he read with the single interest in finding literature. The critics of the romantic period were pioneers, and exhibit the fallibility of discoverers. But compared with Swinburne, Coleridge writes much more as a poet might be expected to write about poets. Shakespearean or of any Jonsonian dramatist. Coleridge is writing as a professional with his eye on the technique. With all his superlatives, his judgment, if carefully scrutinized, appears temperate and just.

With all his justness of judgment, however, Swinburne is an appreciator and not a critic. In the whole range of literature covered, Swinburne makes hardly more than two judgments which can be reversed or even questioned: one, that Lyly is insignificant as a dramatist, and the other, that Shirley was probably unaffected by Webster. To steer my wandering bark. Is driven, I know not whither.

But Swinburne stops thinking just at the moment when we are most zealous to go on. And this arrest, while it does not vitiate his work, makes it an introduction rather than a statement. He makes his way, or loses it, between two paths of definite direction. Sackville to the mature Shakespeare, and its degeneration from Shakespeare to Milton. In either case, you would have had at least the excitement of following the movements of an important mind groping towards important conclusions. As it is, there are to be no conclusions, except that Elizabethan literature is very great, and that you can have pleasure and even ecstasy from it, because a sensitive poetic talent has had the experience.

The scene is both humorous and natural. Brome deserves to be more read than he is, and first of all to be more accessible than he is. No doubt such reason could be found. When it is a matter of pronouncing judgment between two poets, Swinburne is almost unerring. He is certainly right in putting Webster above Tourneur, Tourneur above Ford, and Ford above Shirley. Chapman, there are many such sentences of sound judgment forcibly expressed. The essay is the best we have on that great poet.

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It communicates the sense of dignity and mass which we receive from Chapman. Swinburne was not tormented by the restless desire to penetrate to the heart and marrow of a poet, any more than he was tormented by the desire to render the finest shades of difference and resemblance between several poets. Jonson, to whom he bears only a superficial likeness. He is difficult beyond his obscurity. He is difficult partly through his possession of a quality comparatively deficient in Jonson, but which was nevertheless a quality of the age. The bands and coverts hindering me from thee?

The quality in question is not peculiar to Donne and Chapman. If you look for it in Shelley or Beddoes, both of whom in very different ways recaptured something of the Elizabethan inspiration, you will not find it, though you may find other qualities instead. There is a trace of it only in Keats, and, derived from a different source, in Rossetti. He did not apply himself to this sort of problem because this was not the sort of problem that interested him.

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