Tips for writing a cause and effect essay

This type of essay is concentrated on the ability of the writer tips for writing a cause and effect essay connect the reasons the things happen and the consequences they might have. In other words it is the connection between the causes of events and the effects this cause have on any analyzed aspect. In order to write a professional cause and effect essay it is necessary to understand the term casual chain or domino effect. Each situation may have various causes and effects.

Nevertheless, it is suggested for students to analyze no more than three causes or effects of any situation devoting a separate paragraph for each point. As the situation analyzed in the cause and effect essay may have different background there are three structures that may be applied. Each situation requires only on of the three structure variants. Child violence is caused by lack of parental attention, parental abuse and parental immaturity. Watching violent films has a great impact on the child’s psychological and physiological condition.

Thinking about art leads to poor results in foreign language class. To bring attention to the need for lexical variation in a good essay and to increase range of cause and effect phrases and topic related vocabulary. Is it ever OK to lie in a job interview? Getting to know you: What’s your name?

So you want to be a teacher? To bring attention to the need for lexical variation in a good essay. To increase range of cause and effect phrases and topic related vocabulary. To provide a lexical resource for future essay writing. Tell students to mill until they have found their partner. Tell the new pairs to then sit down and connect their sentences by introducing a phrase which expresses the relationship of cause and effect.

Pairs read out their sentences and the teacher marks up cause and effect phrases on the board as they come up. Describe some of the problems caused by overcrowding in modern cities’ and write this title on the board. Be available to help as the students work through the worksheet. You could work through this as a class, answering questions about the slight differences in meaning, in order to keep the pace up and finish on a chatty note. If your class doesn’t like moving around, give each pair a complete set of jumbled cards to match up. However, still limit one sentence to each pair for connecting them with a phrase.

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Some students’ written work lacks coherence because of a paucity of cause and effect in their ideas. This step will help focus these students on the need to use clear connections in their written work. You must be signed in to rate. The attached files are located under related resources at the bottom of the page at end of the article. Just left click on ‘Writing skills: Cause and effect: Lesson plan’.

I can’t finde the attached files! We’ve had a look and we think that ‘I trained for ten years as an astronaut’ is correct. I have been trained as an astronaut’ can’t be used in this instance because it cannot be used with the time clause, ‘for ten years’. In the Warm up activity p. The full lesson with the article is located under ‘Related resources’.