Studying locally is better than studying abroad essay

Studying locally is better than studying abroad essay exercise is to help you brainstorm ideas for essay questions. A few people have said recently that they have difficulty coming up with ideas.

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Some people believe that charity organisations should give aid to those in greatest need, wherever they live. Other believe that charity organisations should focus on assisting people in their own country instead. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. With this type of essay question, you need to discuss both opinions, so you should brainstorm ideas for each of them. What ideas can you come up with for each of these opinions?

Try to think of at least three for each. You don’t have to use all the ideas when you write your essay – you can delete the ones you don’t think are so good. You can post your answers below. I’ll then post some of the best ideas on Friday. Charity organisations should focus on assisting people in their own country instead. The key issue that this essay question is addressing is whether it is right that charities send money abroad to help people when there are so many people that need help in their own country.

Some people are very against this and so it is a controversial issue. It’s not necessarily about developing and developed countries, though it’s ok to write about this because it does of course tend to be the richer developed countries that send money abroad. But you must be careful about staying on topic. Some people said that charities should help those in their country because they understand their country better. That is going off topic because there is no suggestion that charities would stop helping people in their own country or that they are not best placed to understand people in their own countries. It is just about whether it is a waste to spend their resources abroad.

Several people said that charities should help people only in their own country for ‘economic reasons’. It is unclear what this means so it would need more explanation. Here are some that I thought were good ideas that were clear, directly answered the question and could be explained further with other support. Developed Country’s Charity Organizations have much funds to help beyond their country. This is the argument mentioned above that if a country is rich, then the charities probably have enough money to help other countries as well. This may improve relationships between countries in this world.

Again a perfectly valid argument that could be supported with more explanation. If countries help each other with money, then it follows that relations between them may improve. All humans should have access to health care and education no matter what their background is. This is bringing in the moral argument that all people should be helped, regardless of where they come from. So it’s about targeting the most in need rather than focusing on your own country. Poor countries that face natural disasters need help as they don’t have the resources to deal with emergencies like this. This is one I added.

You could mention about how when sudden events occur like an earthquake, those countries will need assistance from charities abroad. This is a good example of an idea which not everyone may agree with, but it is fine as long as it is your idea, it answers the question, and you can support it. You would just need to explain why aid to another nation may lead to political or diplomatic problems. As long as it is logically supported and answers the question it would be fine. Again you could argue that morally it is right to just support those who are in your own country. This is similar to the last one but it is more about money specifically. As there are so many people in need in our own countries, it does not make sense to help those elsewhere.