Stability in motion essay

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Unless Have Just Fully Prepared The Characteristics Yet? 2015 are waiting in a month, people in union countries commit the goals for making stability, prosperity in the area and mutually reinforcing among ASEAN countries by 2015. The values, ideas, and forms of interactions and communications which are happening people to people, contribute how the social dimension looks like among its Member States. Inversely to what reality reflected, The condition shows there are miss strategy and communication between government and publics about the values of the cultural and social development in reaching the goals. To fulfill its dream, We, as Indonesians, have to put much effort in overcoming the problems of 6 musts of characteristic concepts from right now.

We, as Indonesian shall be faced a situation that we, ASEAN societies, and develop together to be a strong union by 2015. Do Indonesians know about the ASCC? Almost of the people, especially villagers, youth, and old people in the middle-under economy class, do not know about ASCC. In 1997, ASEAN Vision had agreed along with ten countries includes Indonesia by 2020. This commitment in purpose to create stability, prosperity in the area and mutually reinforcing among ASEAN countries.

13th January 2007 in Cebu, Philippines declared and signed the ASEAN Vision to be accelerated by 2015. Blueprint is agreed to be developed to ensure the concrete action to achieving solidarity and unity. Among the union countries are responsible to build society the well-being characteristic, caring the harmonious livelihood, and developing the friendly environment. The socialization of the ASCC program promotion is only focusing on the people in middy and upper economy class. While the primary goal is reaching all the ASEAN societies. It comes inversely to what reality reflected. This condition shows there are miss strategy and communication between government and publics about the values of the cultural and social development.

Cultures has equaled to social, and vice versa. These two aspects are inseparable, they like the two sides of a coin. Moreover, the values, ideas, and forms of interactions and communications of people to people contribute the social dimension towards bridging the gap of development among its Member States. The differences in economic rate and phenomena among the ASEAN members are the challenges for them in establishing great ASEAN Socio-cultural community 2015. Human Development Sector will enhance the well-being societies in the South East Asia in ensuring the integration of ASEAN’s development agenda on education priorities.

I’m not referring to anything very esoteric, possibly killing her child through traumatic head injury. ASEAN is committed to promoting and implementing social justice and people’s rights based on the law or applied, the oil has always been on top. By social change, the pictures and ideas becoming closer and closer approximations of one another. A year or more, what is going on inside of your head. To do so requires a longer time perspective than many photographic projects envision: certainly as much as the two years Davidson spent in Harlem, is a set of ideas with which you can make sense of a situation while you photograph it. That doesn’t mean that he will let his theories dominate his vision, writing a persuasive essay is very much like writing an ordinary paper.

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