Seven years war essay

This is an article about seven years war essay 18th-century war. Turkey to Sweden in 1711.

175,000 killed by famine, disease and exhaustion. 30,000 Russians killed in combat. 20,000 Poles, Saxons and 8,000 Danes killed in the larger battles. Central, Northern, and Eastern Europe. Charles XII of Sweden and intervened against Peter I.

After Poltava, the anti-Swedish coalition revived and subsequently Hanover and Prussia joined it. Baltic Sea were evicted, with the last city, Riga, falling in 1710. The war ended with the defeat of Sweden, leaving Russia as the new dominant power in the Baltic region and as a new major force in European politics. The peace treaties also ended her alliance with Holstein-Gottorp. 17th century, which enabled the monarchy to harness the resources of the country and its empire in an effective way.

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However, the Swedish state ultimately proved unable to support and maintain its army in a prolonged war. Campaigns on the continent had been proposed on the basis that the army would be financially self-supporting through plunder and taxation of newly gained land, a concept shared by most major powers of the period. The cost of the warfare proved to be much higher than the occupied countries could fund, and Sweden’s coffers, and resources in manpower, were eventually drained in the course of long conflicts. 1700 the three powers attacked. From his predecessor, he took over the Swedish Empire as an absolute monarch.

Charles XII refrained from all kinds of luxury and alcohol and usage of the French language, since he considered these things decadent and superfluous. He preferred the life of an ordinary soldier on horseback, not that of contemporary baroque courts. He determinedly pursued his goal of dethroning his adversaries, whom he considered unworthy of their thrones due to broken promises, thereby refusing to take several chances to make peace. Charles XI of Sweden, had been the Swedish heir since 1702. Russia but defected to Charles XII in 1708. Mazepa died in 1710 in Ottoman exile.

He greatly expanded the size of Russia during his reign while providing access to the Baltic, Black, and Caspian seas. Polish nobility and the previously initiated laws that decreased the power of the monarch. September 1698, where the plans to attack Sweden were made, became legendary for its decadence. 1699 and continued his anti-Swedish policies. After the setbacks of 1700, he focused on transforming his state, an absolute monarchy, in a manner similar to Charles XI of Sweden. He did not achieve his main goal: to regain the former eastern Danish provinces lost to Sweden in the course of the 17th century.

He was not able to keep northern Swedish Pomerania, Danish from 1715 to 1720. He did put an end to the Swedish threat south of Denmark. By 1707 this number had swollen to at least 120,000 despite casualties. Russia was able to mobilize a larger army but could not put all of it into action simultaneously. The Russian mobilization system was ineffective and the expanding nation needed to be defended in many locations. A grand mobilization covering Russia’s vast territories would have been unrealistic.