Republic day celebration in school essay

Here we are providing you the anchoring speech for the occasion of 26 January 2018 or we can say for Republic Day which is the main event of 2018. On this day the constitution of India was drafted. On 26 January you may have to deliver a speech at your school, colleges so the speech should be memorable and inspirational that republic day celebration in school essay would applauded by others. So here we are providing you the thoughts, ideas and suggestions that will surely help you in creating a mesmerizing speech on republic day.

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Republic Day celebrated on the honor of our constitution which came into effect on 26 January 1950 which replaces Government Of India Act that is acting as the Governing document of India. The Constitution was adopted earlier on 26 January 1949 but it came in to effect after three months of adoption in January. When India gets its Constitution since then the Republic Day is celebrated every year. Republic Day is very important in the Indian history because it tells about the struggle history of freedom fighters of India. On 26 January 1950 our country declares as a democratic republic, secular which means no other country in the world has the power to rule in our country. President of India on the Rajpath of Delhi, as well as parades and celebration takes place at Rajpath which pays tribute to the constitution of India. In this year 2018, India will be celebrating its 69th Republic Day which means it has been 69 years passed since our constituion was came into effect.

Republican country and at the same time, after the long struggle of independence, The ‘constitution’ was received. The country was declared Republic after two and a half years when it was declared Independent. The Republic Day is celebrated as an national holiday in India, people celebrate this day in many ways such as delivering speeches in schools, participating in discussions, school programs and functions. On this day, a huge program is being organized by the Indian Government on the Rajpath of New Delhi where parades are done by Indian Army at India Gate.

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The president of India hoist the flag and the national anthem occurs after that. Air Force, which displays the national flag in the sky. The event of Republic Day is basically celebrated in school, colleges and office in which the anchoring speech or we can say bhashan has been delivered to inspire and motivate the people towards the nationality and patriotism for the country. You might not get the related stuff towards the speech on many of the sites but we are providing you the relatable stuff that will surely help you to create a inspirational speech for your school or college. Our country has been under the British rules for a long period of time during which the people of India are forced to obey the laws that has been made by the British government. After the long struggle of Indian freedom fighters India attained the Independence on 15 August 1947.