Rainy season essay in english for class 5

This Rainy season essay in english for class 5 essay can be used for grade 1 , 2 or 4 by editing little bit. The coolest and coldest season of the year is winter.

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It begins from the end of November and lasts and lingers till the end of the month of February. It covers the two months named Pausha and Magha as per the Oriya Calendar. Normally, the days are short and nights are long in this season. The winter scene is quite interesting. In the morning the sky remains foggy. In any other season we become tired very soon if we do any work.

But in winter we do not get tired easily. See this nice video of winter After that continue reading. A very dry and cold weather prevails everywhere in the country in winter. A cool wind often blows from the north now. The morning sun generally remains hidden in the heavy fog.

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