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Baxter memorial plaque in Dunedin. Memorial plaque dedicated to James K. 20 km south rabindranath tagore essay pdf Dunedin city.

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On his first day of school, Baxter burned his hand on a stove and later used this incident to represent the failure of institutional education. Baxter states that he began writing poetry at the age of seven, and he accumulated a large body of technically accomplished work both before and during his teenage years. Baxter typically wrote short lyrical poems or cycles of the same rather than longer poems. Ballad of the Stonegut Sugar Works”. He received a BA in 1956.

This period is likely to have influenced his writing providing material for numerous attacks on bureaucracy. 1958, was influenced by his new faith. This was his first work to be published internationally, though English critics were largely nonplussed. His wife, a committed Anglican, was dismayed by his Catholicism, and they divorced in 1957.

He was received into the Catholic church in 1958. Baxter’s later community at Jerusalem. His writing after returning from India was more overtly critical of New Zealand society. The first half of the 1960s saw Baxter struggling to make ends meet on his postman’s wage, having refused to take work as a schoolmaster. In 1968 Baxter claimed that he had been instructed in a dream to ‘Go to Jerusalem’.