Persuasive essay on driving age should be raised to 21

Free Teen Driving papers, essays, and research papers. Kevin picks up the phone. On the other end, a voice tells him of an persuasive essay on driving age should be raised to 21 involving his daughter, Hailey.

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He and his wife jump out of bed and rush to the scene. Once they arrive, the officer tells them the news. A week later a funeral is held in remembrance of a precocious 16-year-old who was taken too soon. Months pass but the pain still lingers in Kevin’s heart. He decides to speak out at Hailey’s high school and inform the students of the dangers of teenage driving. When he is done speaking, a teacher comes up to him and thanks him for what he has done.

The GDL is a program that teens and first-time drivers must complete to get their unrestricted license. This program was designed to lower the number of driving fatalities among teens and first-time drivers in NJ. Early one Saturday morning on Litedoune Road, a nineteen year old named Caitlyn Priced died in a severe car crash at three thirty in the morning. Caitlyn was driving home from a party in Catawba County and was headed to a friend’s house.

While driving to her friend’s house Caitlyn was drinking and sending text messages with her cell phone when she crashed. Not only was she drinking and texting while driving, she also wasn’t wearing a seat belt. When Caitlyn crashed she was thrown from the car when the car rolled after she took a turn to fast. Additionally, Alcohol has a detrimental affect one the liver, another vital organ in the body. It causes an infectious death upon the liver, especially if consumption is taking place for a long period time. Interestingly enough, statistics show that drinking alcohol can affect the heart in good and bad ways. On one hand, studies show that moderate drinking — up to two drinks a day for men and one drink for women — can lower the chances of developing heart disease.

Alcohol is the drug most widely abused by teens. Alcohol abuse occurs among all geographic, ethnic and racial groups. Teens easily succumb to peer pressure when deciding whether or not to use alcohol. Unfortunately, they lack the coping and judgment skills necessary to handle alcohol wisely. Should the Age for Getting a License be Higher Than 16? Throughout the past decade, the rate of teenage automobile crashes has risen.

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