My most prized possession is my family essay

Jennifer Lawrence to Oprah: Harvey Weinstein, Gender Pay Gap, Nude Photos Hack, ‘Mother! my most prized possession is my family essay years: “I won’t have periods anymore, that’s a bonus.

I don’t know a woman who hasn’t been touched by some sort of abuse. I’m sad by the women’s stories, but I’m excited by the change that’s going to come from it. The rulebook is being rewritten,” says Jennifer Lawrence, who was photographed Nov. 28 at Milk Studios in New York. Oprah Winfrey barely knew Jennifer Lawrence when the actress called and said she’d like to meet and then on Oct.

5 drove to see Winfrey at her Montecito, California, home. I was excited to have lunch, and we were just like ‘girls in the garden,'” says Winfrey. We probably talked for three and a half hours about life and fame and growing up and money and management and taking care of yourself and spirituality and philosophy. We drank rosé, and we laughed, and we talked about everything.

Winfrey, 63, to interview Lawrence for this Women in Entertainment issue. Power 100 breakfast, an award Winfrey received in 2013. Since their first meeting, the new friends have been texting back and forth. What resonates with me is that, when you are talking to her, what you’re seeing is the real thing. You’re not seeing any pretense. She’s asking all the right questions: ‘How can I be used? How can I use this moment for something bigger than myself?

She’s been tireless in supporting Kentucky charities and those that help children in particular. You can feel there’s a strong intelligence and a desire to use this moment for something greater than fame and fortune. OPRAH WINFREY I read this wonderful book by Elizabeth Strout . And in it, she was speaking about one of the characters who was so embittered and regretful, and the line she used was, “because her life did not turn out the way she had expected. Is your life what you expected?

When I started acting, I was totally satisfied when I was on a sitcom because I had a steady paycheck. And I was like, “Maybe I can just find a way to be on sitcoms forever. I was totally satisfied and good. I never dreamed that I could have this kind of career. When you dreamed the dream, what did the dream look like?

I used to drive home from church with my father past rich white people’s houses — we’d be the last to leave our little church yard, and he’d be in this big, old, green Oldsmobile that I was embarrassed to be in — and I’d pick houses that I dreamed about living in, and that was a big dream for me: I’d have a house, I’d be able to pay my bills, I’d have two cars in the driveway. I used to do that, too. I remember driving by big, beautiful houses, but I always dreamed of being there with my parents. I never imagined I’d be able to own something like that on my own. I thought for a while maybe I could be an interior designer — that was the only job I knew about because my mom was friends with an interior designer. I was mostly just focused on a family when I was little. I would have never thought I’d be so career-focused.

It’s not something I knew about myself until I started becoming successful, and then I wanted to become more successful. I’d make money, I’d want to make more money. It was a mind-set I wasn’t ever aware I had until my early 20s. And then, by the time you’re 27, you’ve got .

You’re immediately hit with fear. Or at least I was. I had been climbing and working and fighting, and I remember last year just getting hit with fear. All of a sudden it was, “They’re going to get sick of me. That’s when all my insecurity came. I’ve been probably more insecure after last year, and I don’t know if that’s just a feeling of: I’ve got more to lose, I have more people to disappoint.

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