My best friend essay for class 5 in english

There are two essays . First one is for class 3 and my best friend essay for class 5 in english is for class 2 students.

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The essay of class 2 is written pointwise. You are advised to make it in paragraph if you need. A best friend is someone special with whom we can share all our feelings. Everyone has a best friend. My best friend is Tithi. She reads in class 2 in my school and in my section. Tithi is well mannered girl.

She is tall, fair good looking and smart. She is very good in her studies and always does her work attentively in the class. Entire teacher loves her very much. We too are very good friend.

We sit in the class on the same bench side by side. We share many things with each other. We also share our Tiffin. Without her I feel very uneasy at the time of my Tiffin break. She is well mannered and she respects to my feelings.

We have many good habits and manner very common within us. She is my best friend, because we have a number of similarities. We love to read fairy tales. We are fond of hearing music watching cartoon like Tom and Jerry. Our favourite colour is red, favourite food is ice-cream and all types of  safe food. Our faourite subject is computer. Tithi is very helpful girl also.