Mental illness argumentative essay

Read this term paper and over 1,500,000 others like it now. Don’t miss your chance to earn better grades mental illness argumentative essay be a better writer! Please sign up to read full document. Alcohol and illicit drug consumption are all too prevalent today in high schools, colleges, and all across the globe.

Students seeking to fit in or forget about the repetitiveness of school and homework have a tendency to experiment. Drug addiction is known by the scientific community to be a psychological condition based on excessive, obsessive, and compulsive actions. Once that regular user crosses the line into addiction their only concern is their self and their life revolves around the getting, using, and finding ways and means to get and use more. Most people start using drugs and alcohol occasionally, which is a voluntary decision, however, the more they choose to use, the more they become addicted.

Addiction is defined as a chronic relapsing of the brain that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences. Although there is much debate about addiction, the medical research proves that addiction is undisputedly caused by a psychological or neurological disease and through heredity. The long term chronic abuse of alcohol and drugs slowly begins to change the chemical makeup of the user’s brain. Permanent neurological changes begin to affect the brain as the person compulsively continues to abuse the substance. Those neurological changes in the brain have a major impact over a period of time, on the way the user thinks and acts. An addict’s thought process and behaviors have been altered by the long term abuse of the substance. In the Philippines, in 2003, approximately 2 million people were admitted into treatment.

In the city of Manila, during 2003, 1,500 people were admitted into treatment. Why does a user go to outstanding situations to seek these substances? America is a very serious issue. Millions of Americans casually drink, that does not make everyone an Alcoholic. She had injected morphine, cocaine and heroine. She went to sleep and never woke up again.

Nothing we did helped her. Sarah grew up in a loving environment. At the age of five I married my current husband. He treated her as if she were his biological daughter. We were not overly strict nor did we allow her to do whatever she wanted.

When she was 13, we allowed her to visit her biological father in Florida. The problem is, they can’t. Webster, is a compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal. So, if the addicts want to stop, why can’t they? A person is n longer in charge of their life, regardless of the triggering mechanism, they are addicted. The addictin can take over the person s entire life.

The toll for this abuse can be seen our hospitals and emergency departments through direct damage to health by substance abuse and its link to physical trauma. Background of the study It is known that we are living in technological era. The computers become irreplaceable tool in everyday life of almost each person. America, and across the globe. Third world countries like Bangladesh are greatly sufferer from this problem. You may want to quit, but most people find they can’t do it on their own.

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