Love for country essay

Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. There’s no easy answer to why so many older black women loved Princess Diana, but love for country essay her through their eyes made me love her more. The first time I saw my grandma cry was when a news anchor said Princess Diana of Wales had been killed in a car accident.

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Princess Diana wasn’t our princess. The United States didn’t have princesses. We definitely weren’t related to her. Still, somehow, the women in my family all went into a kind of mourning after her death, especially my grandmother.

My entire life she had loved reading about Princess Diana and discussing the woman’s life with her friends over the phone. Girl, Charles had been messing with Camilla, then tried to get mad when Diana didn’t want to stick around? I only ever got my grandma’s half of the conversation while we sat in the kitchen, but it was always gratifying. My grandmother loved celebrity gossip, and picked up the newest tabloids whenever we went to the grocery store.

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