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Please integrity has no need of rules essay this error screen to 67. The Core Rules of Netiquette — Excerpted from Netiquette by Virginia Shea — Albion.

The Core Rules of Netiquette are excerpted from the book Netiquette by Virginia Shea. Click on each rule for elaboration. Netiquette, etiquette, network etiquette, Virginia Shea, rules, flaming, business, communication, Albion, Albion Books, Albion. What makes a good writer? TS Eliot argued, ‘an escape from personality’? Why are there so few truly great novels?

It is, rather, a poor simulacrum, a shadow of a shadow. This thought bothers him for a moment. It was all to achieve a certain effect. No one is accusing him of so large a crime.

He begins work on a sequel. What were your best hopes? A map of disappointments – that would be a revelation. Nabokov would call that a good title for a bad novel. Most writers, most of the time, get wet.

What does it take, after all, to write well? I think that fiction writers know different. Occasionally it’s worth listening to. Virginia Woolf, of Iris Murdoch, of Roland Barthes. Aristotle called the education of the emotions. Eliot’s analogy just won’t do.

Duty is not a very literary term. We are really speaking of consumer rights. Fictional truth is a question of perspective, not autobiography. Atlantic we dream of a novel that tells the truth of experience perfectly.

Genius in fiction has always been and always will be extremely rare. It is a writer’s duty. Did I mention that yet? Or can imagine a world without nouns, as Borges did? David Foster Wallace down his intricate recursive spirals of thought?

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