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The outcome comes after two weeks of testimony in a first-of-its-kind case if i have a million dollars essay discussions of newsworthiness and decency dominated. 2012 posting of a Hulk Hogan sex tape.

13-year-old digital news site founded by Nick Denton, an entrepreneur with an allergy to celebrity privacy, published a video the wrestler claimed was secretly recorded. Daulerio about celebrity sex and a vivid play-by-play of the encounter between Hogan and Cole. In an era when digital networks have reshaped culture, raising tough questions about sharing and prying in society, the jury got to hear two weeks of testimony in a first-of-its-kind sex tape case where discussions of newsworthiness and decency dominated. The person sitting here under oath is Terry Bollea, and I don’t lie under oath,” said Hogan. I believe in total freedom and information transparency,” said Denton. I’m an extremist when it comes to that.

The trial also featured less salacious elements, with experts delving into the media business through discussion of digital marketing and web analytics. Who knew a taping was happening? Was it a publicity stunt? Clem, whom they desperately wanted, on the witness stand to address conflicting accounts of who knew about the taping. Nor could they discuss many of the racist comments that Hogan had made during his sexual encounter with Cole to set up a possible argument that Hogan had an ulterior motive for the lawsuit. 5,000 settlement agreement between Hogan and Bubba — but none of that made it into the trial thanks to Florida Circuit Judge Pamela Campbell’s pretrial rulings that strongly favored Hogan. Hogan’s attorneys bringing up Caitlyn Jenner, Madonna, Magic Johnson and others to probe whether it mattered if a celebrity injects their personal life into the public arena.

Even Thomas Jefferson’s name came up, with that same witness, Mike Foley, agreeing that it was good that the media speaks in different voices. That was the original concept by Thomas Jefferson,” said Foley, referring to the First Amendment. Ultimately, the case became a battle, at least indirectly, between the First Amendment, guaranteeing free speech and a free press, and the Fourteenth Amendment, where courts have determined that a right to privacy derives under equal protection of life, liberty and property. Like many states, Florida has enacted statutes that guard against intrusions on seclusion and privacy of communications.

Hogan also won on his right of publicity claim. Do you think the media can do whatever they want? Michael Sullivan in his own closing. We need a First Amendment to protect what’s controversial. This is not about political speech,” rebutted Turkel to the jury. You’re not going to condemn someone’s right to engage in speech.

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