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This piece human trafficking opinion essay a response to an op-ed by Brandan Robertson on Time. Tuesday, “Evangelicals for Marriage Equality: The Story Behind Our Launch.

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624 0 0 0 1. 47 0 0 0 13 6. 5 0 1 0 6. I eagerly await the young evangelical that finally convinces me that the Bible and human history are wrong on marriage and that justice requires that both Christianity and society bestow marriage on same-sex relationships. The only problem, however, is that I didn’t see any real arguments. I saw a lot of emotion.

I saw appeals to injustice and craven caricatures of Christianity, but I didn’t see any real arguments. In 800 words, there’s not a coherent argument about the nature of marriage. And that’s what this debate Americans are having is about, isn’t it? This isn’t just about Christianity’s teaching on marriage. It’s about the definition of marriage for society. It’s about whether marriage is malleable, or whether marriage has a fixed social purpose that’s been recognized throughout all of human history as something distinct from other relationships.

To say that the union of a man and woman is different is not grounded in bigotry or discrimination. It’s grounded in the powers of observation that draw rightful distinctions between different sets of relationships. This is a separation that the Bible itself, at least how it’s phrased here, doesn’t make. The government is not in the business of upholding theological positions or propagating sectarian ethics.

As a Baptist Christian, I don’t need the government to defend Christian orthodoxy. But I do need it to tell the truth about marriage. The church’s theology on marriage, while certainly pivotal to the church, isn’t sectarian. Marriage leads one outside the walls of the church and into the public square because marriage, by design, reveals a purpose about our being made male and female.

Marriage has an innately public purpose by bringing together the two halves of humanity. If you embrace man as man and woman as woman, you might be on the losing end of a culture war over marriage, but you’ll be on the side of truth when the dust settles about human nature. You can arrive at a civil understanding of marriage that still upholds the man-woman definition as essential without making it a theological argument. We do this all the time. We make laws like this for common good purposes, none of which require a theological rationale.

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