How to prevent littering essay

How to prevent littering essay and pollution is a major issue around the world today. It affects all of our lives, and will affect us for years to come.

All of this because of our poor judgement and actions. We can prevent all this harm to our planet by reducing, reusing, and recycling. People are ignorant to the harm they are doing to the planet. Even throwing your gum out the window of your car plays a part in littering and pollution. Those signs are there for two reasons: because we are the ones who have done this to the polar bears and because people need to know what they have done to innocent creatures over the years. Littering and pollution play a major part in our lives.

Everywhere we walk and drive there is trash on the side of the roads, being thrown out windows, and dangling from tree limbs. Millions of children see this everyday. What kind of example are we setting for the children? If we begin to help in even the smallest of ways we can change this.

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