How to conserve environment essay

Ever since life began on Earth, species have existed and naturally gone extinct. Some would argue that since extinction is a natural, normal thing, humans shouldn’t how to conserve environment essay much attention to it.

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Species become endangered every day and so far, it hasn’t affected humans. Plus humans aren’t responsible for the extinction of animals, or are they? Humans have a responsibility to help save endangered species because we are the top reason for endangerment because we clear these creatures’ habitats by deforestation, mining, or expanding and most of these animals, plants, or insects are at risk because of human activity like pollution from cars or factories. There are still people who highly believe that endangered animals shouldn’t be conserved. Many would argue that the cost on saving these animals is too high and outweighs the possible benefits. Sure the Earth is changing, but animals have to adapt to it if they want to survive, just like humans.

Also, most animals don’t contribute anything to humanity, right? In my opinion many of these people are just making up excuses out of selfishness. Humans choose to ignore these problems because they don’t have an immediate effect on us. They choose ignorance over responsibility because it’s the easier route.

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