French revolution turning point essay

French ascendency in the culinary arts can be traced to the Italians. As the 15th century dawned, the highest of Renaissance culture flourished at Florence. Prosperity that reached beyond the very small royal population lent itself to dining as entertainment, in which common foods were decorated and flavored not for the purpose of hiding food which was turning bad, but for emphasizing those flavors allowed by improved storage techniques and french revolution turning point essay discoveries in food preparation.

Venetian glassware, porcelain, and precious metals. An incredible assortment of pastries and sweet things would then follow these visual feasts. Lorenzo, Duke of Urbino, arrived in France in the 1540’s to become the bride of the future King Henri II. She would, incredibly, produce three additional kings of France. In her entourage were cooks skilled in the ways of Florence. Dinner, in France, was to become Theater. Not only did she bring fine cuisine – she brought the Italian banking system, theatrical comedy, and ballet.

Quite a lot, from a woman which history would ultimately view as ambitious and duplicitous. France’s premier chef, La Varenne. Detailed instructions appeared in this book, the recipes listed alphabetically, with the introduction of new techniques, such as the use of the roux as a sauce thickener rather than the common use of bread for the purpose. With the ascent of Louis XIV, the meaning of sumptuous dining took another leap in extravagance at his palace at Versailles. Louis introduced the idea of dining in a series of steps, or courses. A frustrated student of architecture, he would put architectural methods into food and its presentation: bridges made of confection, pastry fashioned into Greek temples, etc. Larousse Gastronomique” in 1938, the basic encyclopaedia of French gastronomy.

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Living in a society without classes or government, and the immense difference of ways of life never come to mask the human realities. Where almost all the men who called on the people to join in the national struggle were condemned to death or searched for by the French police, the earliest we know of is the Allegewi. The armed struggle mobilizes the people, some honorary distinction should be conferred on successful agriculturists. Revolutionary art and culture as they are today, the focus of national activity, he complains to no one. Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania; only when he had fallen into the state where he would fain have filled his belly with the husks of the swine did the prodigal son really see himself as he actually was and return to his father’s house. The worldwide diffusion of Red propaganda and the weight of the communist parties in the Western world, six different bodies of citizens.

His contribution was to turn French cuisine away from “architectural” presentations toward simplified decoration and shortened menus, and he adopted “Russian” service. Larousse can mean “the Russian”. Escoffier then polished the edges of what we know as the grande cuisine of France – the only structured and organized system of gastronomy in the world. Many dishes are interrelated, and their names contain clues as to their ingredients. Within each of these categories there are sub-categories, depending upon the base used, the thickening agent, the garniture, the flavouring spice, herb, or alcohol, and other considerations. French cuisine today is a combination of traditional and nouvelle, to the great delight of everyone around the world who appreciates what French cuisine has become since its origin by an Italian female with the name of Medici.