Essay on what would be the world after 100 years

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Anti-war demonstrators picketing in front of the White House on Jan. John Bearden and family of Houston, Texas practicing the “down” game with everybody dropping to the floor in a hurry. Martin Luther King and Coretta King, Selma March, Pettus Bridge, March 21, 1965. Troika race at Hippodrome, 1963. Seated close to the evening fire, old man Gray Mountain, 91, tells his small grandchildren legends about the early days of the Navajo people.

How can nations which differ from each other in appearance and language and culture live peaceably together? Photo shoot at a school for one of the modeling groups who had begun to embrace natural hairstyles in the 1960s. In mass induction of 9,000 new citizens, men and women at New York’s Polo Grounds raise their right hands to take oath of allegiance. The first official Veterans Day was marked in the U.

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