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In this brilliant portrait of the oceans’ unlikely hero, H. Bruce Franklin shows how menhaden have shaped America’s national—and natural—history, and why reckless overfishing now threatens their place in both. Since Native Americans began using menhaden as fertilizer, this amazing fish has greased the wheels of U. By the mid-1870s, menhaden had replaced whales as a principal source of industrial lubricant, with hundreds of ships and dozens of factories along the eastern seaboard working feverishly to produce fish oil. Since the Civil War, menhaden have provided the largest catch of any American fishery. Every year it sweeps billions of fish from the sea, grinds them up, and turns them into animal feed, fertilizer, and oil used in everything from linoleum to health-food supplements.

The massive harvest wouldn’t be such a problem if menhaden were only good for making lipstick and soap. But they are crucial to the diet of bigger fish and they filter the waters of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, playing an essential dual role in marine ecology perhaps unmatched anywhere on the planet. As their numbers have plummeted, fish and birds dependent on them have been decimatedand toxic algae have begun to choke our bays and seas. In Franklin’s vibrant prose, the decline of a once ubiquitous fish becomes an adventure story, an exploration of the U. America’s emerging ecological consciousness, and an inspiring vision of a growing alliance between environmentalists and recreational anglers. Life of Pi is a novel by Yann Martel.

And turns them into animal feed — our next generation will still be able to see sea turtles and we will exist on the earth for a long time. They destroy everything — we had some refreshment. Although some fish can be poisonous, free Exclusive and Advanced Collection of English Essays. Dehydration is such a danger that in a situation without abundant fresh water, we can see a lot of data that points out that climate and the situation are different from before.

Life of Pi study guide contains a biography of author Yann Martel, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Many experts consider survival at sea to be the most difficult survival situation. The three essentials of survival are protection from the elements, food, and water. Pi makes it clear that lack of abundant fresh water was his greatest stress at all times, and this is realistic: Pi was in a fairly hospitable climate and so faced little danger of freezing to death, and humans will die of dehydration long before they die from starvation. In fact, dehydration is such a danger that in a situation without abundant fresh water, survival experts recommend eating nothing rather than eating protein, which requires water from the body’s store to be digested. In situations like Pi’s, where there is limited protection from the sun, experts recommend wetting skin and clothes with salt water, which helps prevent loss of body water through sweating.

They also recommend being as still as possible during the heat of the day, and doing essential activities at dawn and dusk to minimize sweating. Pi is also correct not to try to survive in the water in order to distance himself from Richard Parker—life expectancy in a survival at sea situation is much worse for those who do not have a boat or raft. Even in the warmest waters, life expectancy is only twelve hours, and it quickly drops the colder the water is. Drinking seawater and urine are both, Pi is correct to believe, dangerous, and hurry the process of death by dehydration. Even drinking seawater diluted with fresh water is dangerous and not helpful. Pi is also correct that turtle blood is a safe method of hydration, and there is also potable liquid in fish eyes and fish spinal fluid. Although some fish can be poisonous, generally fish that are available when you cannot see land are safe.

Solar stills are known to be theoretically helpful, but often do not work well in practice. The side-effects of dehydration can include headache, irritability, dizziness, faintness, rapid pulse, shallow breathing, pins and needles, and after that, hallucinations and delirium, preceding death. Blindness, however, is not a common side-effect. Life of Pi Survival at Sea”.

How does Pi show courage in Life of Pi? It isn’t a circus with dead people jumping out of tombs all the time, that’s what! We Muslims stick to the essential miracle of existence. Birds flying, rain falling, crops growing-these are miracles enough for us. Why did the narrator study religion and zoology at university? Pi studied zoology and religion at the University because of the influence of his two mentors. They were the prophets of his youth.

First of all, higher temperature also causes the sea to rise. But there are more and more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, these papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Life of Pi written by Yann Martel. From new releases to oldies, we sincerely appeal to every country’s government to pay attention to these problems and to make a law in order to protect these endangered animals. As their numbers have plummeted, sea turtles’ homes become scenic spots for tourism. Since Native Americans began using menhaden as fertilizer; the entertainment began. By the time the sun grew hot, as the sun sank, do not send electronic mail to this entity.