Essay on new year resolution for class 2

New year is a time when many people around the world make essay on new year resolution for class 2 however , many of the promises made by people are rarely completed . I plan to recycle and improve my grade . My first resolution of the new year recycle . I really need to recycle more to protect the ozone layer .

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I did a little research and I came across some valuable information if I do not recycle there are consequence . I researched that plastic that has sat in landfills for a period of time can turn into a sort of chemical waste . I do not recycle I am doing damage to the environment. My second resolution of the new year is to get better in school especially in hindi class because that’s the hardest subject i have . I have to do all of these things to let my dream come true , which is going to an excellent and making my parents proud of me . I also want to do all my homework and that’s really hard for me to do because sometimes I have a lot of homework from other classes and I am going to get so busy and tiered to do my homework .

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I have to force my self to do all my homework and doing homework will making me pass with good marks . I have to do all of my homework by writing every homework assignment in my planner , concentrate in class so I can understand the subject and it will make the homework easer and focus more . I have to work as hard as I can to pass hindi with good marks . I have been talking too much in class and I am not concentrating so , I have focus more and try harder.

My past experiences have taught me that hoping and dreams are useless waste of energy for they usually do nat come true of the target . For that I resolved to spend less time talking and more time doing . I spent so much time gossiping and talking nonsence . I can not afford such a luxuary .