Essay for class 10 icse

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CBSE Class 10th French Papers has a fixed paper pattern which has been followed successfully over many years. The paper mainly of three hours comprises of questions worth 100 marks. There are four sections in the paper. The first section consists of reading comprehension from both prose and poetry.

Section two mainly comprises of writing a letter, an essay or a resume. In section two you mostly have composition related questions. The third section or section 3 has grammar type questions. All questions here carry different marks. The topics for grammar mainly include translations, verbs, tenses, making sentences etc.

The fourth section again has questions based on civilization. The type of questions mainly include complete the following, fill in the blanks, match the following etc. All the questions in the paper are from the portion itself. If the candidate has had enough practice in solving papers it is not going to be difficult at all to answer this paper.

The paper is relatively easy with different allotment of marks for different questions. You need to make sure your grammar is good to be able to form correct sentences. Solve as many previous’ years papers as you can. They will really help you.