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RSS Feed for EU articles – Telegraph. 80,000 prize for an essay on how Britain could leave the European Union, Iain Mansfield was poised to become a new, intellectual essay about politics and government in the media debate on the issue. Thatcherite think-tank behind the contest looked forward to him advancing his views in a series of interviews.

There was one snag, however. Mr Mansfield is a civil servant and his essay appears to have been rather too well-argued for his employer, the UK Government, which remains committed to staying within the EU. Having accepted the prize at a ceremony in Westminster on Tuesday evening, Mr Mansfield was told he was banned from giving media interviews. His regular blog on economic affairs also appears to have been removed from the internet.

Institute of Economic Affairs, which organised the prize, said. The move came despite Mr Mansfield making it clear that he had written the essay in a personal capacity, and was advancing the arguments as an intellectual exercise rather than as a policy recommendation. He had also obtained prior clearance from his employers at the British Embassy in Manila, where he is director of trade and investment. The move dismayed the IEA which had hoped that the prize-winning entrants would be able to contribute to the Brexit debate through media appearances. Iain Mansfield’s winning essay at no point promoted a particular view on the politics of this question and was clearly written in a personal capacity.

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Given the importance of the arguments in his winning essay to the wider debate on Britain and the EU, it is disappointing that he appears to be prevented from discussing his ideas further. He said Britain would need to maintain Swiss-style trade ties to the EU, while building closer trade relationships with non-EU countries. However, the prospect of his arguments being repeated in the media appeared to have alarmed ministers. Both David Cameron and Nick Clegg have argued that EU membership remains crucial for attracting investment into the UK, at least until a potential referendum in 2017. Mr Mansfield did one pre-recorded interview for Radio 4’s Today programme, and then informed the IEA on Wednesday that he could do no more. On Thursday night he was unavailable for comment. Great quotes from White House incumbents: will Donald Trump be joining them?

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