Election procedure in india essays

An abstention may be used to indicate the election procedure in india essays individual’s ambivalence about the measure, or mild disapproval that does not rise to the level of active opposition. Abstention can also be used when someone has a certain position about an issue, but since the popular sentiment supports the opposite, it might not be politically expedient to vote according to his or her conscience.

A person may also abstain when they do not feel adequately informed about the issue at hand, or has not participated in relevant discussion. White votes, however, may be counted in the total of votes, depending on the legislation. An active abstention can occur where a voter votes in a way that balances out their vote as if they had never voted. This is effectively the same as not voting at all, as the outcome will not be changed by the active abstention. Lord voting both ways will be removed from the list of votes. An intentionally spoilt vote is caused by a voter who turns to an election and invalidates the ballot paper in some way. Because of the nature of an abstention, only intentionally spoiled ballots could be counted as an active abstention.

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By convention, their abstention does not block the measure, despite the wording of Article 27. Senator’s name alphabetically, and, if abstaining, the Senator must give a reason for the abstention. Members may decline to vote, in committee or on the floor, on any matter which he or she believes would be a conflict of interest. There have been a number of instances around the world where popular movements have boycotted elections. 2004, is the largest of such campaigns. These campaigns have been met with significant repression. In 1999, a human rights activist was convicted in Belarus for calling not to participate in the local elections he considered to be undemocratic.