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Environment is the surrounding of an object and it is an essential for all living things in this world and we, humans are part of the environment. Every living has the right to enjoy and nourish the natural environment. We are inherited the environment for our young generation. As for that, we are responsible to take care and protect our environment in order to live in a comfort and healthy environment. Clean environment will give us the lively and vibrant lifestyle.

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However, nowadays our environment is polluted. It is all are caused by our own self, the human beings. Humans, in their overzealous attempts to develop the world around them, have set in motion the process of its deterioration. Today, we hear of environment problems such as pollution, acid rain, ozone depletion and the greenhouse effect. Pollution issue is a global issue that needs commitment from everyone. Pollution refers to the contamination or poisoning of the environment. Unfortunately, environment pollution has become part and parcel of modern-day living.

Environmental pollution occurs when impure or harmful substances are released into the environment, either towards the air, water, land and others. This is because rapid industrialization and urbanization have contaminated both air and water. Air and water are the most essential needs of humans. Without them, humans would perish. Recent surveys have shown that the main sources of pollution in our country are industries, vehicles, oil spills, pesticides and power plants. Factories release harmful gases into atmosphere, thereby polluting the air we breathe.

Solid waste is defined as generation of undesirable substances which is left after they are used once . Actually, waste can be considered as nothing but useful material at wrong place. There is no material in this world, which is not useful in one-way or the other. Also there is no material, which is created out of nothing. It is man’s ignorance that he considers certain things as waste and other thing as useful. Just as types of wastes are changing, so must the attitude of people towards waste must change.

People must realize that the solution lies in using waste as a resource rather than to be destroyed. Open Dumping of Solid Wastes and Its Effect on the Surrounding Environment: A Study at Kachuadanga in Tangail Pourashava, Tangail, Bangladesh. One hundred and ten people were selected through simple random sampling technique from Kachuadanga where 75 were male and 35 were female. Form the 110 respondents, 12. The respondents were asked about solid wastes, effect of open dumping of solid wastes, solid waste management, etc. Himachal Pradesh remains almost the same as far as effect of gender, stream and locale is concerned.

Education for Human Value, Environment and Human Right’ as a compulsory subject during their B. The Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed. Environment’ is a term used to represent an entire systems, geology, and climate. An Environment can be any scale, including global, regional, local, and even down to single locations, and things like buildings. On a more human level, the environment, the air, water, temperature, and biology of a certain extent of a place are what sustain us, and define the limits of what we can do to a certain extent.

Prior to the industrial revolution, the local environment, especially food and water supplies was the main limit to human life. Since the industrial revolution, it has become possible to transport both food and water over long distances, without them rotting or fouling. Certain technologies have made this easier, as well as reducing the amount of work needed to grow and harvest food and water. More advanced shelter systems have also meant that there are more possibilities for settling hostile environments. In a sense, this means that in the modern all humans are in effect no longer living in a local environment, but only as part of a single global environment.