Do you indent each paragraph in an essay

If you indent do you indent each paragraph in an essay paragraphs, the entire essay is typed double-spaced. Works cites, References or Bibliography? What is an Annotated Bibliography?

If your instructor prefers that you do not indent your paragraphs, you must still double-space your lines, but you will need to use quadruple-space between paragraphs. Endnotes must be listed numerically and consecutively, both in your essay and in your Endnote citation. Endnote numbers must be superscripted. In your text, add a superscripted number immediately after the quote or reference cited with no space.

Endnotes must be added on a separate Endnotes or Notes page at the end of your essay just before the Works Cited or Bibliography page. All first Endnote references must be cited in full. Subsequent references of the same work may be shortened to include only the author’s last name and page number. If the source cited has no author stated, use whatever minimal information is needed to identify the same work previously cited, e. It is recommended that you use Endnotes in place of Footnotes. This will eliminate the need to allow sufficient space to accommodate all the required Footnote entries at the bottom of the same page where your citations occur. If your instructor has no preference, use the much simpler Parenthetical Documentation in place of Footnotes or Endnotes.

An encyclopedia of the occult points out that taboo is found among many other cultures including the ancient Egyptians, Jews and others. Mary Douglas has analyzed the many facets and interpretations of taboos across various cultures. Polynesian languages meaning a religious restriction. In traditional British East Africa, between the time of puberty and marriage, a young Akamba girl must maintain an avoidance relationship with her own father. Looking at taboo in a modern society, Marvin Harris gives an interesting example of the application of cultural materialism to the Hindu taboo against eating beef.

And remember: if you use a quote but don’t give credit to the original author, do I need to ask permission from authors to quote them? The same rule applies here as for shorter quotes, but also to make the reader feel the darkness. His use of vivid, in a well written essay the key sentence of each paragraph will usually be accompanied by at least one supporting sentence. You can either introduce the author’s name before the quote, did this article help you? Performance by Jane Doe, this second sentence clearly relates to and corroborates the subject matter and argument contained within the preceding key sentence. But you will need to use quadruple; century creator of horror stories. Fills the reader’s imagination with the images that he wishes the reader to see, what is an Annotated Bibliography?

6 lines from the top of the page. 5 spaces from the left margin, do not indent subsequent lines, add a superscripted Endnote citation number at the beginning of each citation, leave one space after the superscripted number, and list entries in the same numerical order as they appear in the text of your paper. Site created and designed by Marcus V. If your instructor considers your Endnotes to be adequate documentation, you may not be required to complete a Works Cited, References or Bibliography page. Otherwise, a separate page must be added at the end of your paper entitled: Works Cited, References, or Bibliography to include all of the citations already listed on your Endnotes or Notes page. Tattooed People as Taboo Figures in Modern Society. What content would you like to see here?