Dance as entertainment essay

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My experience with dance is very little but I really enjoyed. Each crew’s performance impressed me and even shocked me a lot because of their insistence toward dancing and contribution to the crew. They really enjoy what they are doing. One thing surprised me is that many participants are kids, who are just four or five years old. Although they are very young, they treat the competition seriously and practice over and over again in order to perform optimally.

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Numerous floor moves look really hard and are easy to get hurt, but those young participants are not afraid of and worried about doing those difficult floor moves. One four-year-old crewmember called Jim is one of the youngest participants in this competition. Falling Angels is performed by octad women dancing to rhythmic drumming. Women in that period of fourth dimension had stepped forward in their position of power and were equal to men in the economy, this may have been a reason Kylian chose alone female dancers. These messages that women had gained equality were portrayed through the employment of dynamics and motifs as well as sharp and percussive movements.