Cause and effect of illegal immigration essay

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Republicans need to face up to the hard facts. Chuck Schumer and other Democratic leaders look on illegal immigrants in the U. The problem is not just with amnesty but with the structure of our legal-immigration system. Because of family preferences, immigration begets more immigration — a fact of which Schumer is keenly aware.

The political impact of immigration today is fairly clear. 50 years, most of it legal. Asians and Hispanics supplied roughly 20 percent of Clinton’s vote total — close to the contribution made by black Americans, who have long been considered an indispensable part of the Democratic coalition. University of Maryland political scientist James Gimpel found that increased levels of immigration at the county level are associated with decreasing support for the Republican party, even after controlling for income and prior demographics. Notably, Gimpel found that immigration turns counties blue not simply because of the votes supplied by immigrants — many are not citizens and therefore cannot vote — but also because of outmigration by natives who dislike the cultural and economic changes associated with immigration.

It is that kind of reaction that helps explain why Republicans are still in office despite decades of immigration by people inclined to support Democrats. While the Democrats added majorities of Hispanics and Asians to their coalition, they have lost most of the white working class. West Virginia, for example, went from a Dukakis-supporting Democratic stalwart to deep-red Trump country in less than 30 years. Already the new coalition has changed the Republican party, as the populist leanings of the party’s Trump supporters conflict with the old pro-business wing led by Paul Ryan. These tensions are to be expected, as the shifting coalitions in a two-party system necessitate changes in strategy. The question, therefore, is not whether immigration will destroy the GOP — there will always be two parties in a two-party system — but whether Republicans can continue to stand for small government and traditional values as the electorate is transformed.

Optimists make several arguments for why mass immigration need not weaken the conservative cause. Immigrants, as well as Hispanics and Asians of any nativity, are to the left of the average American voter on fiscal issues. 75 percent of Hispanics say they would prefer a bigger government with more services over a smaller government with fewer services, compared with just 41 percent of the general public. Hawley notes that Hispanics do show conservative tendencies on abortion, but social issues do not seem to motivate their vote as much as economic ones. If the Republican Party became just as progressive as the Democratic Party on immigration but remained conservative on all other issues, would a large number of immigrants embrace the Republican Party? Given the survey data above, it is likely that a large majority of the new voters would continue to support Democratic candidates. Indeed, data from the Pew Hispanic Center further suggests that far more undocumented immigrants would become Democrats than Republicans if they were granted citizenship and became eligible to vote.

Some optimists acknowledge immigrants’ attraction to big government but believe that it can be fixed with better messaging. It’s really hard to get people to listen to you . But many Republican leaders never wanted to deport Grandma. This does not imply that outreach is a waste of time, of course, but it does suggest that messaging has its limits as a recruitment tool.

Sometimes people simply disagree with the policy in question. Again, this is not sufficiently reassuring. Ascendant left-wing majorities, even when short-lived, can permanently change the course of American politics. White Catholics eventually moved to the political center, but not before Republicans made their peace with the entitlement state. Furthermore, white Catholics moderated as they moved firmly into the economic and cultural mainstream.

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