American judicial system essays

For a people to establish and keep the ‘Rule of Law’ as the operative norm in social constructs great care must be taken in the election or appointment of unbiased and thoughtful legal scholars whose loyalty to an oath of office is without reproach. If law is to govern and find acceptance generally courts must exercise fidelity to justice which means affording those subject to its jurisdictional scope the greatest presumption of inherent cultural relevance within this framework. In the US during recent decades the judiciary became active in economic issues related with economic rights established by constitution because “economics may provide insight into questions american judicial system essays bear on the proper legal interpretation”.

Since many countries with transitional political and economic systems continue treating their constitutions as abstract legal documents disengaged from the economic policy of the state, practice of judicial review of economic acts of executive and legislative branches have begun to grow. The latter undermines the separation of powers, as it creates a critical financial dependence of the judiciary. The judicial system, whether state or federal, begins with a court of first instance, is appealed to an appellate court, and then ends at the court of last resort. In this system the Supreme Court is always the final authority, but criminal cases have four stages, one more than civil law does. On the court sits a total of nine justices. This number has been changed several times.

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Judges require ten years of experience in practical affairs, as a public prosecutor or practicing attorney. Supreme Court, eight high courts, fifty district courts, fifty family courts, and 438 summary courts. Other justices are appointed by the Supreme Court and serve for six years. Federal courts consist of the 21 magistrates of the Supreme Court, 32 circuit tribunals and 98 district courts. Supreme Court Judges must be of ages 35 to 65 and hold a law degree during the five years preceding their nomination. The Supreme Court justices serve for a life term or until retirement. The 94 districts are then divided into twelve regional circuits.